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Repossession Services Since 1988.

Northern Storage & Transport has been servicing financial institutions since 1988, including Fortune 500 asset-based lenders. Our team designs repossession programs around your specific needs, using the latest technology available. Over the last 32 years, Northern has cemented a record of safety, respect and efficacy.


Interfacing with Northern is a breeze. By utilizing industry standard software such as RDN, we give freedom and control to our clients. Client accounts are managed through an account online or a Northern Customer Service Representative.


At Northern Storage & Transport, we focus on efficiency, safety and concrete compliance.

Currently serving Connecticut

Northern Storage and Transport Asset Repossession and Recovery


Over the past 32 years of recovering vehicles, we've participated in many changes and innovations in the repossession industry. We recognize the importance of staying on top of the latest tools & technologies and constantly integrate them into our processes and procedures.

At Northern Storage & Transport, our team uses trucks equipped with self-loading wheel lifts in order to safely recover your collateral. This advanced equipment allows us to recover vehicles quickly, discretely and most importantly, safely.

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