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Services we provide prior to physically taking possession of your asset:

Account Qualification

Account qualification is a valuable step in the recovery of an asset. Using public and proprietary databases as well as in-house procedures, our team attempts to confirm the location of the asset prior to the first run. 

LPR Technology

Northern is affiliated with DRN, the leader in license plate recognition technology. We capture millions of license plates annually and have access to all scanned data from their database, bringing an unprecedented volume of data into our system and therefore immediately available to our clients.

Field Investigation

In the unlikely event that your information and our account qualification does not lead to repossession of your asset, the field agent assigned to the account will provide investigative services in order to locate the asset.

Door Knocks

Under appropriate circumstances, our field agents will contact your debtors to facilitate communication between you.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a collaboration of CSR work with public and proprietary databases, field door knocks and your input & analysis to locate the asset in question. A modicum of skip tracing service is provided within the repossession fee. Supplemental fees are sometimes required.

Replevin Services

We do not practice law. We are, however, knowledgeable of those who offer replevin services for your benefit. Should replevin be necessary, we would be happy to work with your attorneys or refer you to one of ours to complete recovery of your asset.

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